Chanel's Spring 2010 Collection

Chanel can once again be dubbed the classiest collection of the season. Karl Lagerfield has once again created a collection that is the very essence of Parisian fashion. And I, once again, am SPEECHLESS.. Well not really, I could talk about Karl's creations for the majority of my life! If you know anything about anything in fashion, you could spot a Chanel garment from a mile away. The vision of the brand has changed little since Coco was designing, but absolutely not because of lack of creativity, because there is no reason to alter perfection. This collection definitely stayed true to the brand, to Karl, and to Coco herself. Classic but refreshed, evolved.

I thought it was very interesting how the collection was womenswear but on a few occasions a male model donning Chanel menswear that was nearly identical to the outfit on the female model would come out and walk down the runway with her. Perhaps to emphasize the androgyny of the designs?

Some of the pieces in this collection just scream Paris. The boat neck dress with a ribbon on the front, the black dress with poofed sleeves and transparent material, the creme colored tea cup figured dress with the big hat. This collection clearly paid homage to every aspect of Parisian fashion and displayed it at it's pinnacle. But of course with Lagerfield's personal edge to it.

I've been loving the fitted blazer look lately, and the way they were pairing it with a feminine skirt and delicate accessories at the Chanel show made the entire look much softer. Everyone tries to emulate the ritzy schoolgirl look, but let's be honest, nobody does it with such accuracy, precision, and elegance as Chanel.

Above are just some pieces I thought were very interesting and really stood out from the collection to me. I thought the pantless look on the left was risque but definitely classy. The middle look interested me mainly with the detailed metal sash that was slung across the models body over a cardigan. And on the right the full-length sheer material over a mini skirt shows just enough skin without actually putting it all out there.