Anna Wintour on 60 Minutes

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue, is known for her "demanding persona" and has received the nickname of "Nuclear Wintour." The movie 'The Devil Wears Prada' was written by her former personal assistant and it is rumored that the character Miranda Priestly is based on Anna herself. Major designers from all over the world hail her criticism. American designer, Ralph Lauren, calls her "an industry leader" and I don't think anyone could deny that. However, Anna Wintour has stayed, for the most part, aloof, despite all of her success... Until now. On May 16th, Anna Wintour appeared for an interview on the television show 60 Minutes for their season finale. Wintour adresses being called "ambitious, driven, needy, a perfectionist" and a "bitch" by saying "well, I am very driven by what I do, I am certainly competitive.. I'm probably very needy, yes", she says with a smile. Referring to being called a bitch, she says that she hopes that she's not, and that she tries not to be. Most of this interview is Anna dispelling rumors that, she claims, have very little truth to them. However, in the outtakes that can be found here on the CBS website, you can see some huge designers commenting on her, Anna defending wearing fur, and more interesting insight to this mysterious "high-queen of haute couture".

"Have you ever seen her looking less than perfect?"
"That must take terrific discipline"
"I think she's a very disciplined woman"

Is that a smile I see on Nuclear Wintour's face?