High-fashion on the Web

Over the years, high-fashion labels have advertised from television to magazines and billboards. It is only recently though that these companies have caught on the the internet craze. Labels, like Chanel and Dior, have realeased what they are calling "short films" to promote their clothing and accessories. The Chanel film is a five minute video called "Fitting Room Follies" of Lara Stone, a dutch Model who currently resides in Paris, and a male model, in a fitting room trying on clothing. This video looks like it was done with a home video camera or even a digital camera. The Dior film obviously took more time, money, and creativity than Chanel's, which was released just days before. The Dior film is set in Paris where Marion Cotillard, an Academy Award winning actress, scales the Eiffle Tower in heels that, how do I put this, should only be worn on sold ground! This film features French gangsters, the Lady Dior handbag (which was the focus of this video), a hostaged man, and a getaway that looks like it belongs in a Bond film. Oh, did I mention that Dior is coming out with a Part Two?

click for Chanel's short film
click here for Dior's short film

Directed(?) by Karl Lagerfeld

Directed by Oliver Dahan